Dicknotism: Man, Myth or Mesmerizing Sex

Dicknotize: v. The after effects or practice of putting someone in the state of hypnosis through the use of one’s great soul snatching dick (phallic skills). 

Dicknotism: n. When a woman refuses to realize/acknowledge the faults of her lover simply because she is obsessed with the dick. (See also: Dicknosis, Dicknotized)
Symptoms of dicknotism include:
• Multiple orgasms

• Extreme euphoria after sex

• Delusions of a successful healthy relationship with said man that you know you should not be with

• Dealing with bullshit in order to keep this man(and his dick) in your life

• Being made a fool for good sex that you have mistaken for love.

          Dicknotism is something most women have suffered from at least once in their lives. It’s the irrational fixation on that one guy whose dick game is A1. We heard this term used in the movie Girls Trip when Ryan’s friends were telling her how dumb she is for taking back her cheating spouse. Dicknotism is a real thing, like you know he ain’t shit, doesn’t deserve you, let’s you down all the time but the only constant is the mind blowing orgasms. *Sigh* we’ve all been there before ladies, I’ve shamefully made hour long drives to get my dose of some dope dick in my younger days. I’ve had friends tell me about the guy they are stuck on and I’m like clearly you just love the dick because there seems to be nothing else good about him. We’ve also seen it played out in the media i.e. Future, Peter Gunz, Fetty Wap, I’m sure there are more but you get the picture. The thing these men have in common besides their celebrity is the fact that they have multiple baby mothers, so let’s assume they are slanging that good wood. Anyway I see these guys on celebrity gossip blogs with new women that keep fucking with them no matter how many baby mamas and drama they bring to their girlfriend’s lives but why do they stay? It must be the dick, these women have to be dicknotized right? There’s even a song called D2B(Dick 2 Bomb) by Problem that describes exactly what dicknotism is. I think it’s more than just good sex though like I said in my previous post sex is the ultimate energy exchange so besides his penis prowess there is some other factors to consider if you might be dicknotized.
Why do bum ass dudes have bomb dick?

         TLC warned us eighteen years ago to stay away from scrubs but here some of y’all are out here fucking niggas with multiple baby mamas, paying rent by yourself while ol’ dude driving your car while you at work smh chile we gotta do better. Good D isn’t worth your dignity beloved. It’s obvious that the most A1 dick comes from the top of the line fuckboys, deadbeats and scrubs.. Why is this? I believe if a man knows he has little to nothing to offer a woman he’s going to use the one asset he knows that can keep a woman coming back for more, that peen. Multiple orgasms combined with a long time emotional/financial investment in a man plus desperation leads to dicknotism over an ain’t shit dude. It ain’t worth it honey cut your losses and just move on with your life, that dick ain’t worth the emotional and financial debt!
How does Dicknotism Work?

          The biggest factor to consider in dicknotism is that most of the time the female being dicknotized (the dicknotizee) had either never had sex before, was going through a dry spell or their last partner was wack as hell in bed so it set the standard pretty low for the dicknotizer. If it’s been awhile since a woman has had good sex the first guy that smashes with passion and stamina is going to have her seeing stars. The one thing that most women don’t know men have a hard time switching up is their fucking style; a man can and will fuck the chick he met last night at the club with the same passion as how he’d fuck the love of his life. This can easily confuse a woman’s heart and vagina to think this man is “the one” especially if they haven’t been getting bomb D on a consistent basis.
Sex: Sacred Energy eXchange

          Also let’s factor in the spiritual aspect of it; sex is an exchange of energy and you can be bonded to another through this exchange, no matter what the relationship might be. Energy is real and when you’re having sex with someone your energies intertwine for that moment. When you’re constantly having sex with the same person your energies get entangled and it makes it hard for you to detach yourself from that person’s energy. You ever notice when you fuck with a guy for awhile you tend to adopt his mannerisms and such, it’s not just that person growing on you, you literally are inheriting his energy.
His & Her Hormones 

           The real reason for dicknotism is biological, if you’re letting a guy fuck raw consistently, your body forms a hormonal bond through oxytocin, which makes sex with that guy damn near addictive. So even if you enter a situation with a guy and swear to yourself you’re going to keep it strictly sexual your body is going to make a different decision for you. You can get these oxytocin levels from protected sex too but unprotected sex is way more powerful like you literally have this man’s DNA in you sis. Even though we’ve evolved as a species our bodies still make it so we bond with the possible fathers of our children through sex so that man will be around to protect our offspring.

To get there, nature has created lots of different hormones, like oxytocin, that bond you to your man (and to your newborn baby later on, since it’s best you don’t dislike that baby either and want to keep caring for her or him). Oxytocin is the empathy and bonding hormone; it will bond you to whoever you’re with when it is released. It doesn’t know the difference between you having sex with your husband of five years or a guy you met last night. This hormone is the main reason why most women let their guard down and want to bond after having sex. (Brian Nox, Psychology Today, 2013)

          As a female I know how our bodies play tricks on our minds, instinctively as mammals our bodies were meant to reproduce and bond with our mates so it isn’t as easy for us to separate sex from love as it is for males. So what about men, can’t they be pussywhipped? No sis, a man being pussywhipped is definitely not the same as a woman being dicknotized. The term pussywhipped actually has little to do with sex or pussy. Men who are pussywhipped are addicted to that woman’s mind, behavior, vibe, etc. Being pussywhipped is when a woman get into a man’s head, the one that is on his shoulders that is. There are different hormones that males release while having sex which makes their emotions react far different from ours. Men release dopamine when they climax which gives them a feeling closely related to victory having accomplished a mission which is why they don’t feel that bond like we do when we release oxytocin. Men’s basic animal instincts are to breed with as many females as possible spreading their genes, as for us we can only have one pregnancy at a time and we are programmed to bond with the child and the father. Even if we take out the possibility of kids on the most basic level, these hormones make women feel like we’ve found the perfect guy for us whereas men feel like they’ve gotten their nut so they can dip to the next woman. This is why it’s so hard for a woman to leave the guy alone that she’s been fucking for awhile and it is especially harder if she actually produces a child with him *fucking sigh* hence why baby mama drama is so common.

          In conclusion I feel that by knowing how our hormones work and their natural purpose, we can then understand why we feel dicknotized and snap ourselves out of it. Men do not fall under the same spell we do through sex so understand how it affects you far more than him. Do not let your hormones make choices for you, there is a plethora of penis attached to great men that can be beneficial to your soul as well as your pussy so don’t settle for a man who only has excellent pipe game. So fellas be aware of the power of you penis and ladies and don’t make permanent decisions over temporary dick.

Peace & Love,


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