M.I.L.Fs, Thots & Sluts

“Women are empowered when they accept, embrace, own and worship their sexuality…
Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there” -Rumi 

          So it’s been a minute since I’ve made a post and this post will be to explain why. First and foremost I’ve of course been busy adulting and figuring out my life so that kinda took me out of writing. Also I am a writer and I’m sensitive about my ish so I have written A LOT of stuff that I just haven’t posted because I doubt if my work is good enough despite all the positive feedback I’ve had. Anywho the big issue was about my most viewed post, you know the top 10 types of sex. Some people felt that as a mother, I shouldn’t be so explicit and speak so freely about sex. For those that know me I’ve always loved to talk about sex and believe in owning your sexuality but of course when I became a mom I toned down on how open I am about this. But honestly why should I? It’s part of who I am and what makes me me. I mean of course I know when it is and isn’t appropriate to speak of such topics in public, like I’m not going to be at a PTA meeting talking about why I enjoy birthday sex but in my social circles and on my blog these topics shouldn’t be off the table because I’m a mom. I mean how do you think I got my little one (hint: all of those types of sex I mentioned, except shower sex because it sucks).There’s this stigma that mothers should be saints and once you push out a child you are no longer allowed to be sexy, talk about sex or be open with your sexuality, WRONG!! People criticize Amber Rose relentlessly for her being a self proclaimed Slut and a mother, like why can’t she do both? How is owning your sexuality and loving your body not respecting yourself?  Oh if you’re a mother and in the public eye you should be a role model. Well I don’t really believe in role models because you shouldn’t strive to imitate someone who inspires you but then a lot of people do it and then blame the person they idolized for not being exactly the perfect person they pictured in their head. We are all human no one is perfect but if you live a life that makes you happy and you’re not hurting anyone then what is the issue? Patriarchal society has us programmed to “slut-shame” any and everything women do. If a man fucks a thousand women no one bats an eye but if a woman is open about her sexuality she is a hoe, thot, jumpoff, etc. In today’s society there are only Ayesha Currys and then there are Amber Roses, no in-between. Women cannot be multifaceted and own their sexuality without being looked down upon but I’ve had enough of holding myself back because of the judgement of others.

But what about your son? How will he view you? Well for starters he’s my son I’m always going to be his mom, his biggest supporter and he will not love me less for being myself. I believe he’ll benefit from having parents that don’t treat sexuality as a taboo subject. I want my son to be comfortable talking to me or his father about sex. I also want him to not judge and be respectful of others sexuality. I was never comfortable talking to my parents about sex and they condemned anyone who wasn’t a virgin before marriage. Growing up my parents never had “The talk” with me because they are conservative Christians and so were their parents. So everything I’ve learned about sex I’ve learned it myself. I’ve studied sex and sexuality from the physical aspects to the psychological, emotional and spirituality of it. The only religion I practice is love and I think sex is a spiritual practice not just a great workout and a release. Every man I’ve had sex with I had to have a strong connection with and I think that is a very important part of sex so I’m not here to advocate having meaningless sex but if that’s what floats your boat I don’t think you should be judged or shamed for doing so. I also believe that people should be aware of their sexuality by practicing safe sex to protect yourself from disease as well as protecting your energies (because sex is one of the highest forms of energy exchange) so one should make responsible choices for their own body and spirit.

I’m not here to tell anyone how to live their lives, not here to say what is right or wrong but I want everyone to take notice of how they treat and judge others for doing things that make them happy. Not everyone will have the same norm or standard as you, some things that make you comfortable make others uncomfortable but that’s life and like I said as long as no one is being harmed, harassed or hurt it shouldn’t be an issue to you.
 Let sexually liberated people live their lives!

So I decided that in order to keep being consistent on my blog I will talk about whatever the fuck I want to talk about.  I’m sexy, I’m a mom and I’ll do what I want.

Peace & Love,


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