It was always so difficult for me to pinpoint my strengths because I never really believed in myself. Like I would say there were things I was good or okay at but I never thought I was truly great at anything. I’ve never been one to aspire to climb the corporate latter, start my own company or any other major money making profession, so at first I thought I wasn’t ambitious enough to succeed in these areas. Not that it isn’t great to want this, it’s just not for me. After a 7 month battle with depression I finally realized my biggest strength is healing. I am a healer, I always have been, but I was so good at healing others I expected someone would be able to heal me. No that’s my job and it always has been. As a healer I encourage others, make others feel great about themselves, build people up, make them see their potential. My strength made me realize my passion: writing and teaching, these are the two occupations that allow me to exhibit my strength. I heal people by sharing with words, letting people know they aren’t alone in their journey and it won’t be bad forever. I teach to build others and help them realize their greatness. For the awkward empaths and introverts, dig deep, find your strengths and share them with the world…

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