The Two Sides of Bri

“I’m the good with the evil
Fuck you nice to meet you
You can have a peace sign without the middle finger” -Big Sean

Hey everybody!  So Monday was my 26th birthday, I had a great time with my family and friends.  This age feels a tad different from the others, not in the matter of growing old but my overall sense of self and perspective on life has changed.   We are constantly growing, changing and improving and this is the first year I can really see how far I’ve come and logically connect the events in my life to the goals I must accomplish to get to where I want to be.  It’s a never ending journey the progress is continuous but sense of self at this point in my journey has been essentially to my growth.  In true Pisces fashion I realize I have two alternating sides, it’s more apparent than ever now and it’s not a bad thing, both are needed for internal balance.  These two sides aren’t the exact typical masculine/feminine/dark/light examples that are associated with Pisces because my sides are unique to me.  So I have named both sides, acknowledging their differences as if they are separate entities, crazy I know but that’s me.  I have one side: BriYvette, the Spotless Mind/Wanderer and the other side: Sonya Fade, the Sophisticated Ratchet.  Let me breakdown their differences:

-True Self
-Critical Thinker
-Enjoys solitude 
-Relaxes by reading or zoning out to music
-Lives in the moment
-Optimistic Lover 
-Loves Comedies
-Wears whatever is comfortable 
-Weed smoker
-Writes or exercises to clear mind
-Considers her mind and personality most beautiful 
-Self Improvement 
-Speaks Truth
-Learns from past mistakes 
-Adapts through chaos
-Accepts what is
-Values freedom
Sonya Fade:
-Acts on emotion
-Enjoys attention 
-Relaxes by watching Netflix 
-Lives for the future
-Realist Nympho
-Loves Horror movies 
-Wears whatever looks sexy/trendy
-Drinks Alcohol 
-Vents or shops to clear mind
-Considers her physical features most beautiful  
-Self Destructive 
-Throws Shade
-Regrets past mistakes 
-Needs structure
-Cannot accept things how they are
-Values control
I know you may think some characteristics belong in the other side but that’s the point most pisces are a mix of the good and bad in each side.  Even though these sides of me are different they all combine and work as the whole me, the good and bad.  I’m not perfect not striving to be because you can never be perfect, but I’ve grown to love my imperfections.  To really know yourself you have to acknowledge the good and bad to figure out what needs to be worked on and what is essential to making you the best you.
Peace & Love, 

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