Thoughts on Marriage

I just watched this documentary 112 Weddings, it gives the perspective of couples during their wedding then revisiting the couples years after being married. There were couples who were still happily married who faced difficult struggles together yet are still persevering. There was also a few couples who were divorced, they either pinned the blame on each other or took responsibility and admitted being a shitty spouse. This documentary had me thinking especially since I have been proposed to in two terrible relationships and I must admit I don’t have many great examples of marriage growing up so marriage is a touchy subject for me. Marriage isn’t just about a legal commitment, the commitment to your significant other must already be present within both of you. Being “in love” isn’t the reason one should marry, being in love is only a feeling and feelings are fleeting. Love is a verb not a noun, it is an action you must give to your spouse every day. I believe to have a long lasting happy marriage two people must work every day at loving and understanding each other to the point in which you see your partner as an extension of you. Both equally have to want each other to always be in their lives and strive to keep it that way. Always trying to see things from their perspective as well as helping them to understand yours. Encouraging and building one another to be the best possible person they can be, inspiring each other to accomplish goals. Experiencing the best of life together and persevering through the worst. Lastly building a great legacy with one another so no matter what your will feel thankful and appreciative of what you have in each other and what you have built together. Kindness, caring, loving, excitement, understanding, building, excelling, appreciating, not a legal possession of each other but an unconditional union of love between two united souls, that’s what I hope to have with my future husband.

Peace & Love,

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