So I know I haven’t made a blog post in a few months, been busy with mommy duties and school work but I’m back! Anyway a few days ago I was having a discussion with a friend about non-committed relationships and being in love with someone who isn’t in love with you aka the dreaded “Situationship”. A situationship is a term for a non-committed relationship popularized from a song by Fabulous. Situationships involve one emotionally invested person hoping that the situation will turn into an official relationship and the other just enjoying the ride, literally (sex pun). These type of relationships happen because the emotionally invested person lets their feelings paint a different picture of the person of interest rather than see the reality that is being presented. It doesn’t take long for a person to make an official commitment when they are really into someone, so all the excuses and bullshit are just ways to buy your time and attention. While they are sitting back enjoying your time and attention, you fail to realize you are just wasting your own time. When you spend a lot of time with someone, you get attached, add sex to the matter and the attachment grows deeper, but not always for both people though. I could be the poster child for when situationships go wrong lol, before I’ve actually ended a relationship with a man who was really in love with me to be in a Situationship I thought was real smh I know dumb as fuck right! Well I was immature and it took me a long time to really grasp that I was in a situationship but when I finally did I realized how unhealthy it was. Situationships/FWB/Non-Committed relationships are nothing but one way streets, one person gets their heart in it while the other is just enjoying the convenient company and affection. These relationships rarely if ever become anything more, all the dynamics of a real loving relationship are too out of whack to make the outcome successful. If you think about it, loving someone that only “likes” you is like seeing a train coming, hurling yourself on the tracks and having the overly optimistic belief that it won’t run you over. Welp truth is most likely the train will run you over, I mean the only choices the train has is to try to break and derail in order to save you or just run you the fuck over. And yes in the end you will get fucked over not because you deserve it, but well you put yourself in the position to be crushed. It sucks I know, but sometime no matter how real you believe your bond or connection with the other person is, it’s probably not meant to be anyway. But the moment you realize how bomb you are, you won’t sell yourself short anymore. When something is real, you’ll know it. You won’t have to doubt or question it because that person will make sure you know (through both words and actions) that they are just as serious about you as you are about them.

Peace & Love,

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