This week on Bravo’s new series Blood, Sweat & Heels, the topic of discussion was snooping through your man’s phone. Most of the women on the show agree that it is necessary to snoop on your man once in a while to check him and make sure he’s not out of line. But one of the women, Demetria adamantly disagreed and said if you have to snoop what’s the point of the relationship? She also added that women with low self esteem do this and put up with the bullsh*t when they do catch their men cheating.
I completely agree with Demetria, if there is no trust in the relationship, there is no relationship! Snooping honestly only gets your feelings hurt because if you search hard enough for anything, you’ll find it. Your insecurities will play on any little thing you see in a guy’s phone no matter how innocent.
I’ve been this woman in several relationships, I’ve done better research than a private investigator. I checked phones, email, Facebook, Twitter, IG, MySpace, etc. I even went as far as putting a girl’s email address in a database at my previous job and I found her number and her home address. Yeah I was that kind of crazy insecure girlfriend.
The thing that also gets me is after we find out something in the guy’s phone what do we do? Either confront the female, which is what happens a majority of the time or confront the man, which usually happens after the other women gives them all the details they didn’t know. And what will happen after this? Most of the time the woman will stay and continue to be in an insecure relationship constantly checking her man’s phone, or she decides she’s learned her lesson from snooping and will be willfully blind or she’ll be smart enough to realize that the relationship is broken and it’s time to leave. Either way snooping is no good, it’s not only a sign of an unhealthy relationship but it’s also invasion of someone’s privacy. Ladies, if a guy checked your phone and blew up about an innocent convo with a guy friend we’d feel violated and confused right? Well this is how they feel! If you aren’t secure enough to trust him, then you don’t need to be in a relationship.

Peace & Love,

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