My Weight Loss Journey

Many people have asked me how did I lost my baby weight so fast and kept it off. So for my first blog topic I thought I would list out the methods I use to lose the weight especially since many have a new year resolution of shedding pounds. DISCLAIMER: I am not a weight loss expert, personal trainer, nutritionalist or doctor so you need to consult one of those professionals before starting any weight loss regimen!! I’m just giving you my weight loss story.
When I was pregnant with my son I gained 100lbs! That’s four times the weight you are supposed to gain during pregnancy so I definitely pigged out but I lost it all in 10 months. After I had my baby I really didn’t want to eat junk food anymore, it made me feel lethargic and I was motivated to bounce back immediately. To be honest 30lbs of the baby weight was mostly water weight and breast feeding helped me drop that in three weeks. But after losing this 30lbs so quickly I was stuck after that, I couldn’t lose a pound and I was moderately working out. The problem was I was so busy with my newborn son I didn’t eat much, I would eat a bag of walnuts and a smoothie and call it a day. Lack of proper nutrients will slow down weight loss. So then I tried diet pills, which I don’t recommend, but it did help me lose a measly 5lbs. Finally I stumbled onto a fitness page on Instagram where I read about clean eating, this was the turning point. Once I started eating clean I could work out maybe once a week and still lose my weight. So I’m going to list four things you should do to lose weight and keep it off.
1. Clean Eating
Clean eating is essential to a diet and really it’s not a diet, it’s how we all are supposed to eat. Fast food and junk food all are over processed and unhealthy so when we eat it our body gets confused and doesn’t know what to do with it. So it stores it as fat and oil which makes us gain weight and gives us oil skin. So by eating clean which is just eating fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats, your body gets it’s proper nutrients and can digest this food properly. You can also eat whole grains and diary but not as much to shed fat. My favorite meal that I eat almost everyday is salmon with an avocado, cucumber and tomato salad. Sometimes I’ll add scalloped potatoes if I need the extra carbs for the day. Your food breakdown should be 30% fats, 30% proteins & 40% carbs.
2. Exercise
I know duh you have to work out to lose weight but exercising is really only 30% of the dieting process. You must eat right to see results in the gym. My biggest problem areas are my upper arms, my lower stomach and my legs so I’m going to post some work out lists that helped me in those areas. Since I was a new mommy I couldn’t go to the gym whenever I wanted so I would try to get in a 30min workout at least 2-3 days a week. To see faster results I recommend working out for an hour to 2hrs, 4-5 times a week.

3. Cleansing
I’m against most fad diets but the master cleanse was one of the diet tricks that helped me. The master cleanse is this drink made of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water that detoxifies your body and enhances metabolism. Some people drink only this for a long period of time which I don’t recommend, I did it only for a week and it really jump started my weight loss. Also there are herbal supplements that cleanse your body you should try to take these once a month because backed up fecal matter and toxins in your colon add pounds and reduce weight loss.
4. Motivation
To lose weight and keep it off you must have strong willpower and motivation. It isn’t easy it’s very tempting to go back to old eating habits, but the way you can safely curb your temptations is by having a cheat meal once a week or month. But you must stick to eating clean for life and you must focus on your goal in order to achieve it. My motivation is my son, he’s more than likely going to be a star athlete and I wanted to make sure I was in top shape to keep up with him. Another motivator was myself, I had this vision of how my body should look and how it would make me feel to look the way I want to. It will help to lose weight if you get a workout buddy who will accompany you in your weight loss journey, you both can motivate each other as well as compete. Also you can do what I did and go on Instagram and search weight loss pages, you will see other weight loss stories and tips to motivate you.
Ultimately you should just have a goal to be healthy and happy with your body. As long as your weight loss goal is realistic and the best for you then go out and get to it. I hope this helps those who are trying to lose pounds, any questions email me at
Peace & Love,

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